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Fine and Performing Arts

Department of Fine and Performing Arts


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Department of Fine and Performing Arts Philosophy

The Fine Arts afford humanity the opportunity to communicate its culture; to develop and organize intellectual experience; to discover and develop talents; to express values and feelings through various media. It is our role as educators/artists to create an atmosphere that will offer the student the opportunity to experience and explore the fine arts as part of his/her total cognitive, affective, and psychomotor growth through the Fine Arts curriculum.

Department of Fine and Performing Arts Objectives

The student will:

1.    Recognize that creativity is an integral part of the Fine Arts.
2.    Demonstrate the understanding that the Fine Arts reflect the values of society.
3.    Develop an awareness of the great variety of forms and styles.
4.    Demonstrate an understanding of the basic elements in an Art form.
5.    Acquire knowledge of evaluative principles for appraisals.
6.    Develop a sense of responsibility of the aesthetics in society.
7.    Demonstrate an understanding of collaborative possibilities in the artistic process.
8.    Recognize the interdisciplinary elements of the Fine and Performing Arts.
9.    Enhance creative and critical thinking skills through the artistic process.
10.    Recognize how content Arts are related to careers.

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